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Have You Tried Online Digital Advertising? It's Easy to Get Started

LemmonTree’s Digital Marketing Package is tailored to help you get in front of more prospects:

  • First, you’ll target who you want to reach on computers and mobile devices by geographic area, demographics (like age and income), and more
  • Second, ads will be created with your special offer and link to a landing page on your website
  • Third, retargeting ads can be placed to reach people again
  • Finally, tracking will be provided of how many impressions and click-throughs your ads attract, and adjustments can be made to increase engagement

Your Path to Digital-First Marketing

Step 1

  • Digital Ads – Targeted area and/or demographics; can include retargeting or remarketing
  • Mobile Solutions - Use of mobile site ads

Step 2

  • Social Media Programs – Ads on Facebook

Step 3

  • Video Marketing – Pre-roll commercials

Step 4

  • Email Marketing – Lists provided through targeting

Call us for more information, 480.967.1405.

Getting Started with an Advisory Board Luncheon Series

An Arizona client turned to LemmonTree to help them develop and implement a speaker series to engage key contacts from employer groups as an advisory board. To help our client build more business, we knew the speakers had to be engaging and valued, keeping the participants interested. The group identified topics for quarterly luncheons and we went to work.

Making a hit with speaker #1 was important and we enlisted Herb Sendek, (now formar) Head Basketball Coach, Arizona State University to give a perspective on working with Gen Y. Sendek had co-authored a book entitled Gen Y Now.

Here were some tips from his amazing talk:

  • Gen Y is not lazy, rather they love to work at meaningful tasks.
  • Gen Y is not self-centered and selfish, actually they want to contribute.
  • Gen Y is not spoiled, they care about balance in their lives.

If you want more great tips on Gen Y both in the workplace and family, get Hobart & Sendek's book!

Membership Value

Making Offers Memorable

To help remind members of the value of these credit unions, we created a simple message for the special offers this summer.

Community Inspired Culture

Patriot Cares!

With all the dedication and commitment of our client's employees in the community, we designed a simple t-shirt that each employee receives to wear when volunteering for a walk or other local event.

Interested? Contact us for more information!



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In its simplest form: A digital-first posture means that the first place your consumers go when making a business decision is to their computers, smartphones and or tablets.


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