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LTE: Custom Youth Programs

LemmonTree Marketing Group has worked with many Credit Unions over the last 26 years on a custom name and program for their youth members. Included in our design services are name suggestions & trademark research, logo design, and character illustrations.

The objectives of our custom youth programs include:

  • Creating and maintaining a youth-oriented marketing campaign that enables the Credit Union to capture young adult accounts.
  • Providing opportunities for young adults to acquire information on financial issues such as saving money for the future, balancing a checkbook, establishing credit, buying a car, etc.
  • Developing and building upon a positive, multi-service relationship between the Credit Union and the young adults to lay the foundation for future borrowing/saving needs. With increased competition for this target market, the Credit Union will have a stronger relationship to protect market share.

To maximize family relationships at your credit union, consider working with LemmonTree Marketing Group. Your youth programs will be custom and designed as an extension to your current brand. Also available are recommended marketing pieces and activities for your programs including custom youth debit/credit cards, membership passports, newsletters, birthday cards, e-marketing, online games, micro-sites, and much more!

You will see that our custom youth programs are designed to drive loyalty and awareness of the Credit Union's brand, and products and services.

Below are just a few of our custom youth programs for clients:

The Treasure Hunt Club was developed for United Educational by LemmonTree. This award winning logo received a MarCom Honorable Mention Award 2006 Honoring Excellence in Marketing & Communications, and first place in the Michigan Marketing Awards 2006.
Treasure Hunt Club Youth Program


The MoneyKids and MoneyTeen programs were developed and trademarked for Michigan First by LemmonTree.  Each program has newsletters designed for each program. We provide all the content and work with the client to include stories of their community involvement in the public middle and high schools. MoneyKids & MoneyTeen Youth Programs


Also, the MoneyKids logo won first place in the Michigan Blue Water Awards (MCUL) in 2006 and the MoneyKids program was a Gold Winner at the MarCom Creative Awards in 2005. MoneyKids Youth Program


The MoneyWizards Club for children age 0-12 was designed for Fort Campbell Federal to match the brand - LemmonTree created the name, logo, concept and character illustrations.  MoneyWizards Youth Program

To view more samples of our work, check out our youth portfolio. And, to learn more about Gen Y, check out our white paper, "Understanding the New Age Wave: Gen Y."

Want to get started? Call us at 888.536.6243 or email us!  


Premier Federal regarding their youth program, the P-Puppy Club:

""WE LOVE IT! You definitely met our expectations. What a good decision we made in working with you!"

"We've decided that anytime we get boxes from LemmonTree, that we need to get very excited. Every time we get something from LemmonTree, it's great!" - Christina Brocato, Marketing Manager

>>Read their success story!


Craving insights into Gen Y? Check out our white paper, "Understanding the New Age Wave: Gen Y"

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