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LTE: Custom Youth Solutions

Our team of experts has over 26 years of experience creating award-winning tools to engage and capture the youth market. Let us help you engage young members at your Credit Union with:

» Custom Youth Programs
» The Credit Union Clown Club
» Online Children's Games
» Teen Financial Booklet & Microsite

Why Youth Marketing?

Consumer research has shown that children today control billions of dollars in spending money. Part of this phenomenon comes from allowances and parental gifts, and another part comes from the amount of young teens working at jobs. Young adults are choosing their primary financial institution by the age of 24, often influenced by their parents. Attracting young members today will provide a better defense against the competition tomorrow.

The main reason for targeting young adults is their ability to impact the future of the credit union. These young members will be heading on to college and/or buying cars soon. Many will also enter the part-time workforce, thus needing share and checking accounts, ATM cards, and possibly debit or credit cards through the credit union.

Interested in learning more about Gen Y? Check out our white paper, "Understanding the New Age Wave: Gen Y"


"The youth programs developed by LemmonTree were so well received by our membership that it exceeded my expectations! We had a great experience in the design phase with the LemmonTree team. With Nicolette's expertise, we were able to keep the program manageable and she provided a handbook for us to follow as we grow the two clubs."

Anne Marie Waltz , former Business Development and Youth Coordinator, United Nations Federal Credit Union


Craving insights into Gen Y? Check out our white paper, "Understanding the New Age Wave: Gen Y"

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