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New Year - New Opportunities to Get It Right!

Nicolette Lemmon Photo We can't help ourselves, can we? Starting a new year just cries out to us to make good on resolutions or making changes we promised to make last year and didn't! Well, you have a chance to get it right in 2013, whether a new marketing direction, online move or personal goal. Check out the tips below to help you on your way to a great year ahead.

Ready to get started?


Nicolette Lemmon,

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General Marketing TipBright Spot in Your Marketing Can Be Key Last month, a board member at one of my clients complemented my marketing presentation as the best one he has ever seen in his time on the board. Another board member mentioned he usually has a critique but I hit his concerns on the head, so he was happy. It was a great feeling because I felt that I had found the "Bright Spots" in the marketing results. According to authors, Chip Heath and Dan Heath of Switch: How to...

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Online Connections Tip Keeping Focused While Being Online Social media is called that for a reason. It is meant to be socializing for people across the Internet. So, as much as many businesses jumped in to try and capitalize on it as a "free" way to get more business, many have found little success in trying to connect with customers/members. When monitoring and uploading new content, it is easy to get distracted by other social media conversations or topics or links and spend way more time than expected! ...

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Personal Marketing TipNew Way to Make Decisions If you wrote down goals on January 1st to accomplish this year, did you do some soul-searching? For example, did you consider the long-reaching impact of achieving the goal(s)? According to author, Suzy Welch, in her book, 10-10-10, most people make decisions based on the immediate situation and do not really consider the consequences the decision will have months or years later. Because most goals are in response to a situation or issue in your life that you want to...

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Beyond Marketing

How About a Jumpstart for 2013?
On New Year's Eve in Sedona, Arizona, when hiking with my family on Bell Rock, we found people had made totems for good luck all around the base. So, after making them ourselves, it got me to thinking.what about having a totem on my desk about a goal or dream for the New Year that I wanted to achieve?

Here is my Totem Challenge, a kit for building a totem your goal or dream for 2013! Because a totem can act as a guidepost, it will remind you to think about that goal or dream. And, what you think about expands.

If you'd like to purchase it, click here.


Hey, I only got 49 out of 66! Tell us your score.

The challenge is on to bee the best!

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