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LTE: Getting Started

A New Way to Engage Young Adults

“Getting Started”– financial and life tips to help your teen members manage their money.

Financial education is important for teens and young adults as well as for their parents to discuss with them.  “Getting Started” is available in two forms, a booklet given at the time of opening the young person’s account, as well as a great online microsite accessed through your website.

The materials are fun to read, tested with some high school students, and jam packed with the information young people need to get started with their finances!

The booklet is a great handout during the account opening process; parents will also find it a useful tool to talk about money with their kids. From money management, to understanding how to build credit, to identity theft, there are several topics for getting a teen better informed about their money.

Other benefits:

  • Easy and cost efficient to brand, print and implement, with copy already designed
  • Justifies your positioning as a financial resource
  • Attracts more business from youth, parents and grandparents
  • Extends your brand to the whole family, creating lifelong relationships
Two Great Ways to Inform Teens
Teen Booklet

Customize our booklet with your logo or take it a step further and brand it, too!
You will receive the booklet artwork with customization as a PDF for your printer*:

  • Add your logo only to the front and listing of CU info on back panel
  • Customize entire front cover with CU brand and change main colors throughout booklet
  • Fully customize and brand the booklet with content changes as well
  • Please ask for pricing.

*Low cost printing options are available whether you need 500 or 1,000.

Teen Web

While the booklet is a good handout, having a Getting Started Microsite allows additional resources to be added and referred to by parents and the teens. While housed on our MyCUResource.com site, you can make the microsite your very own because LemmonTree is able to add your logo, branding or any other features you would like to specifically include. Some clients choose to add videos, our Youth Online Games, teen polls or links to other online social sites. It’s your microsite so your ideas come first!

To see the actual microsite and get pricing to add this great tool today, email 7solutions@lemmontree.com or call 888-536-6243. And, to learn more about Gen Y, check out our white paper, "Understanding the New Age Wave: Gen Y."

LTE: Teen Talk
"Incredible. So easy to read and very useful!" Emily, 17

"A great guide to encourage and help you understand the significance of saving money." Ashlee N., 17

"Wow, I never knew saving money was so easy. Now I know how to keep track of all that I spend." Drew H., 18


Craving insights into Gen Y? Check out our white paper, "Understanding the New Age Wave: Gen Y"

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