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Strategic Planning Facilitation
Organizational Assessments
Employee Surveys

Strategic Planning Facilitation. For your organization, the focus and direction for the future will depend on the plans you create today. Our Strategic Planning Sessions have been designed to help the board of directors, and management team, enjoy the hard work of developing the strategic vision of the future and the objectives to achieve it. Everyone’s ideas are considered as the facilitator provides for open communication to:

  • Look at where the company/organization is currently
  • Discuss what you want to accomplish, a vision of the future
  • Explore ways to achieve the mission of the company/organization
  • Clarify the role of board members as setting direction and the responsibility of the management team to find ways to achieve it

The Benefits?
When your organization utilizes the facilitated Strategic Planning Session, the process develops a vision of the future. As a team, you determine the means necessary to achieve that vision. Through the process, the roadmap is created as a simple document that offers benchmarks to let you know how you are doing, how far you have come, and where you need to be directed.  After the planning is completed, the action begins. The senior management team will be able to decide where to target the valuable resources of the company for the most benefit.  Following the planning session, you can choose to have LemmonTree facilitate a Management Planning Session to set up accountability and keep the focus on your plan.

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Organizational Assessments. Every organization will continue to be faced with opportunities and challenges. For any organization that is providing a product or service to consumers, success is being defined as how well your people can meet expectations in terms of quality and timely service.

A Strategic Organizational Assessment is a comprehensive, systematic, and independent examination of your organizational environment.  We analyze your structure, objectives, strategies, strengths and weaknesses and your personnel, training and compensation programs.  We also look at your internal systems and activities, and the company culture to determine opportunities for efficiencies and uncover problem areas.  Based on our research, a recommended plan of action is provided to improve the organization’s efficiency, productivity, environment and performance.

Consider these questions:

  • Does the organizational structure support the future vision of the company?
  • What is the organizational culture with respect to communication and “people” skills?
  • Are your managers effective leaders, willing and capable of taking your organization to the next level?
  • What training and development is needed to enhance the management team and employees’ skills for future growth?
  • How competitive is your organization at attracting and keeping the right people?
  • Are there procedures and policies that are obsolete or limiting your management and staff in terms of efficiency, productivity or quality service?

In short, we will work to uncover ways to help you position your workforce to meet corporate goals and vision for the future.

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Employee Surveys. There is tremendous value in conducting research among their employees. With the highly competitive employment situation of today, it is imperative for credit unions to keep in tune with their employees.  Surveys can provide valuable insight into employees’ needs, job satisfaction, and loyalty, as well as provide management with an accurate assessment of employee job knowledge.

Our Employee Survey is a tool that offers actionable information through a written question-and-answer format, to be sent to all credit union personnel.  A letter from top-level management will accompany each survey explaining why the research is being conducted and encouraging participation.  LemmonTree will be introduced as an independent, third party that will maintain confidentiality while processing, analyzing, and reporting on the findings.

Each of our survey projects is customized to meet the needs of the client credit union and to help establish benchmarks for future tracking.  Our clients have gained from learning such key information as:

  • Satisfaction levels of employees with respect to position responsibilities, compensation packages, and performance review procedures, to name a few.
  • Trends or a similarity among departments indicating a need for changes in operations or policies.
  • Areas to be addressed such as training or staffing resources.

Employee perceptions of the image and professionalism of the organization, specific to customer service.

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"LemmonTree is always up to date on what is going on in the industry; knowledgeable of other businesses, other credit unions and have a working knowledge of the financial aspects that need to be addressed. Their approach is practical, hard hitting, and proven."

Bob Adams, Former President/CEO,
Catholic Federal Credit Union

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