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CU Marketing Survey
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MEMBER PHILOSOPHY (This relates to the definition and focus of marketing efforts to meeting the needs of target market(s) or membership overall.)
Q1 Does management recognize the importance of designing the Credit Union to serve the needs and wants of chosen markets?
Q2 Does management develop different offerings and marketing plans for different segments of the membership?
Q3 Does management take a whole marketing system view (suppliers, channels, competitors, members, environment) in planning its business?
INTEGRATED MARKETING ORGANIZATION (This relates to the commitment by top management to the importance and integration of marketing throughout the Credit Union.)
Q4 Is there high-level marketing and business development integration and control of the major marketing functions?
Q5 Does marketing management work well with senior management including lending, operations, IT, facilities/branches, electronic services, personnel and finance?
Q6 How well-organized is the new product or service process?
ADEQUATE MARKETING INFORMATION (This relates to how much management demands to know about the members it serves to best focus marketing efforts to meet corporate goals.)
Q7 When were the latest marketing research or MCIF studies of members, their buying influences, service quality, online usage, and/or competitors conducted?
Q8 How well does your management and marketing team know the sales potential and profitability of different member segments, loan and deposit products, online services, and branch areas?
Q9 What effort is expended to measure the cost effectiveness of different marketing expenditures?
STRATEGIC ORIENTATION (This relates to the amount of formality with which the Credit Union top management approaches marketing.)
Q10 What is the extent of your formal marketing planning?
Q11 What is the quality of the current marketing strategy?
Q12 What is the extent of contingency thinking and planning?
OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY (This relates to the ability to react to market conditions based on the ongoing review of results and monitoring of the marketplace.)
Q13 How well is the marketing “thinking” at the senior management level communicated and implemented down the line?
Q14 Is management doing an effective job with the marketing resources?
Q15 Does management show a good capacity to react quickly and effectively to on-the-spot developments?
ADAPTED FROM: Philip Kotler, "From Sales Obsession to Marketing Effectiveness," Harvard Business Review, November-December 1977, pp. 67-75. Copyright © 1977 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College: all rights reserved.
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