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Making the Relationship with Young People "Stickier!"

Since 1984, LemmonTree has been providing marketing solutions for target markets of children, teens and young adults. The ability to engage young members also promotes the Credit Union to the other family members, especially parents.

To enhance your website and strengthen the youth relationship, LemmonTree offers 13 different games for hours of fun! You can choose up to 9 to have on your site and they will be created using your Credit Union's branding.

For kids of any age, including adults, the games offer a variety of skill tests. Browse through our examples below and choose the ones you like best!

Additional Features:


Whether your budget allows for full customization with your children's program artwork or simply adding your Credit Union's logo to the games, the key is that the games will make your website more interactive and keep kids engaged on your site.

Easy to Add:

Your games will be on a branded landing page on your site, but will be housed on our hidden site, MyCUResource.com. This site is transparent and will not interfere with your website.

Tracking Reported:

Tracking of the unique visits, games played, click-throughs and other traffic results will be reported to you quarterly.

Consider our website games to:

Other fun options for the games:

Other Youth Programs for Children, Teen, and Graduates

Research has shown that children today control billions of dollars in spending money. Young adults are choosing their primary financial institution by the age of 24, mostly influenced by parents. Attracting young members today will provide a better defense against the competition tomorrow.

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